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Love and Relationship Coaching:

It is my life’s sacred mission to personally guide you to finding true love. My work is deeply personal, based on my own journey, in finding love. As an expert Mindset coach specialising in the area of Love and Relationships for over 10 years. I blend the spiritual; the mystical with latest science based research into the Mind/Body connect. I will help you to find “True Love”


Soul 2 Soul Mate: The Six Proven Strategies to Finding the One.

 This is where it all began, with my desire to find the love of my life. I did and we married last August 2019: In this program I will teach you the step by step tools needed to find your Soulmate. Get Past Your Past, Mindset Mastery, Design Your Desired Relationship, One Love-Creating Trust, Intuition-Know Him When You See Him and Ignite Your Fire- Harnessing the Energy of Love. Quickly and confidently change your relationship rules, to a winning formula for lasting success and happiness.


Dating with the Angels:  Harness the Secret Power of the angels to date with a difference

In this fun and sexy program I teach you how to connect with your specific Angels, to date with a difference. We tune into your unique Emotional Freedom Barometer so you never feel confused, bored, frustrated or unsure again. You will feel immediate Trust and Confidence in yourself and your choice of dates.  I will show you how to harness the wisdom and guidance of the Angels. We combine this knowledge with Igniting your Inner Goddess Energy so you can shine, sizzle and fire up your passionate inner self, in a relaxed and natural way.

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