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A Soul Realignment™ reading brings clarity to your souls’ unique gifts and talents. Using these gifts will allow you to live in true alignment with who you are at Soul Level, create more abundance and joy in your life and fulfil your soul purpose. The reading includes a detailed account of your soul specialisations and the reasons why you are here to experience your current life. The reading will uncover past and present life blocks and restrictions on your Soul record. It is because of these you maybe limiting yourself or finding it difficult to create the life you really want. By gaining insights into why certain patterns of thinking or behaviours repeatedly show up in your life, you will be able to clear the blocks, leaving you free to make the right choices that are powerfully aligned to your true Soul nature. I only require some basic details and then I can start to research your soul record. As soon as this is complete, we will arrange a mutually convenient time so that I can present my findings to you via zoom. We will have the opportunity to discuss how these patterns are impacting your current life and, more importantly, the ways that you can start shifting these negative karmic patterns in a practical way to improve your everyday life, giving you more of what you want, and letting go of what is holding you back Please allow 2 weeks from the day of booking for the reading to be prepared and to your session scheduled.

Soul Realignment™ Energy Clearing Research and 1 hour presentation - £75

Please allow two weeks from the date of purchasing your Reading to scheduling your presentation session, this is to facilitate the research into your Akashic Records, prior to our 1:1 debrief session.

To access your records I need

Name: Name at birth (if different) Place of Birth and Date of Birth.

Soul Re-alingment

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