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Cambridge UK the City of Learning becomes the City of Love #Cambridge Tarot #Relationship Tarot

Hi I'm Siobhan Downey, Natural Mind Coach, Relationship Tarot Reading Expert, and all things about experiencing love in a healthy relationship biggest fan. Its my mission in life to share the amazing benefits, that having a relationship tarot reading can bring into your life and beyond. Its why I'm single- handedly doing my modest little bit, to turn Cambridge-UK, city of leaning into the City Of Love. Yes I know thats a high boast, as well it should be! always aim high,even if we land off our mark, we'er further along than when we started. I have come to love and adore this ancient city, even though I'm a "Blow In" from Limerick Ireland, having moved here with the full clan (family) in late August 2019, about five days after marring my "Soul -Mate" and sweet heart. Phew....

Does love and relationships always go right? No, do they always lead to "happy ever after"? No how many of you have been broken hearted, let down, disappointed in love, even when your married, it can wobble from time to time or even crash and burn entirely, as it did me but as they say that's for another day. I started my journey to specializing in Love and relationship coaching way back in 2011/2012. it has taken me this long to create Natural Mind Coach, because life kept getting in my way. Yes I found love, added some more qualifications to my practice. Had fun, had adventures, had pain suffered loses all the stuff of life.... But I lacked Focus, when we pay attention to something, focus on it entirely, become clear on what we want, then go about getting it do we manifest our dream's... Yes many of mine have come through, and this is a really big one for me. To be a beacon of love, follow my dreams and passions, while I nurture the dreams and passions of others... Help them on their path to whatever they are looking to discover in a Relationship Tarot Reading.... Do not be like me, taking the long way around... If you want to find "if you are feeling stuck in your relationship or past, are seeking answers to questions and need some confidence in the choices you need to make, to lead you along your life's journey to love, give yourself a gift of a 60 min relationship tarot reading. It might just be the best thing you do today. Love and blessing Siobhan Downey, Natural Mind Coach, and love obsessive

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