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Is your house making you sick?

When I ask this question I don’t just mean, is your home so untidy that it’s stressing you out, we can all appreciate that, but rather is it causing you to feel anxious, stuck, fatigued even depressed? You see the “ energy“ in our homes affects far more than you might think possible.

Our houses even the very modern ones are built on the earth and the earth is very, very old. Long before the streets and towns we now live in even existed the ground on which our daily lives takes place has had a long life of its very own.

From ancient Sacred Sites, to Burial Grounds and even Battle Grounds, and all these places can still have the energies or Souls of people for what ever reason never transitioned over when they died. At the moment of death, our Spirit- Soul leaves our bodies and we are guided usually by past loved ones and or Angels and other spiritual beings onto our next appropriate experience. For most SoulS this is an easy experience, but for someone who died suddenly, violently or unexpectedly they can get so confused by the experience that they don’t move on. They get “ stuck” in effect, in the place they died. Learning overtime to take “ energy” from the environment around them, which when we build or buy a house on that land, they can then take “ energy” from us. Now they might not always be known to us, or even active in the house, but if you’ve been feeling down or tired lately your own energy levels could be low enough to become a vibrational match for the Souls to take energy from.

As a Soul Coach, I see it every day in so many of my clients, who experience everything from lack of success in love or business, to feeling “ stuck” like walking in treacle as one man put it recently. To continually feeling exhausted, or simply confused in general and unsure which way to go. Our homes really are our safe havens from the world outside, our sanctuary and safe places to unwind or to also work from. So if you’ve gone through an odd few months, if you just can’t seem to get your mojo back or snap out of a slump, it might be time to think? Is my house making me sick? Does the energy need clearing? It’s such a quick and simple process, to bring your home back into vibrational harmony.

Usually it’s not something you can do yourself though, you can of course light “ sage” clear our house out by cleaning and clearing out anything that has no use. Bring lovely green leaf plants into your house. Wash, clean and open the windows, and ask Archangel Michael to help remove any negative energy that doesn’t belong, you could also if you are religious and know a priest have a blessing.

I usually work with Archangel Michael within the Akashic Records of the property to close off any “ entry points” called portal ways or gateways, reseting the energy to harmonise with the clients Higher Self, and ask that a protective circle of violet light along with an Angel stand over your home. You will feel a much clearer and lighter energy with in yourself, home and your life... so next time your feeling really off, stuck, anxious and even dissatisfied ask yourself, is it me or some old “ dead bugger” making me sick.

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