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Steer clear of "Spiritual Bull" and "New Age Crap",and why its keeping you stuck!

For anyone who knows me or knows of the work I do this might seem like the strangest thing for me to say. But day in day out, I hear of people making choices, taking actions and or failing to take actions they should, all, because they believe that they are being "Guided" to do so. In fact I told myself the same things on many, many an occasion. "The Universe wants me to learn from this" this was usually when the SH*T hit the fan big time, or "There's a higher purpose and reason I dont see now", again, mainly when I was experiencing emotional pain or an awful life mess... Well its all total rubbish...

The Universe wants Nothing for Us, the Universe wants Nothing from Us... Its completely neutral on everything and we'er simply not that special, but we are unique, which is more important and I'll explain why later. Our results are based the actions and choices we take, and they create either positive (yeah) or negative (boo hoo) results. Well here's the interesting thing, and something very practical you can do to "stack the deck" in your favor at any given moment and change the outcome to one you desire instead.

Remember when I said the universes is neutral, well thats correct, but it is governed by certain laws, the Law of Polarity (equal and opposite effects) the Law's of Attraction (we all know that one), the lesser known but equally important Law of Repulsion (use what you dont want to focus on what you do want, its very powerful) and our big lesson today the Law of KARMA...yes the most misunderstood but potentially important Spiritual Law of all. Thats why some people always have amazing relationships, always have great financial abundance, great health or are just happy and content in their own skin. Drum role please.... and some of us are not, no matter how much therapy, healing, mindset change, new belief creation ,meditation or anything else we do. We simply keep making the same mistakes or repeating the same cycles and patterns again and again.

As you might have guessed I speak from all to personal experience here. I am a practical, logical highly motivate and focused on real transformation, both personally and for my clients.. I have been on a path of spiritual knowledge and research for about twenty years or so. Hell its the reason I got into coaching in the first place... So why did I keep creating Shitty experiences when I thought I knew better, I was enlightened, guided, supported by the Universe.....Ha Ha I laugh at myself, but not in a mean way, I was simply "stuck" listening to "Spiritual Bull" and "New Age Crap",

Well I'll wrap it up here, back to KARMA, we create negative Karma by making negative choices and taking negative actions, that create real life and sometimes Awful experiences for us... Some of this is carried over from our "Past Life", but the energy of it is still causing us trouble today. So how do we "Fix It", how do we "stack the deck" positively.. We learn who we are at "Soul Level", we discover what is infact a Negative Karmic Choice for us, remember when I said your not that special, but you are UNIQUE and that's more important. The simple truth is your are not guided by some "Out Side Force"... "The Universe". "Higher Guides" you are a "Divine Being", a living vibrant expression of Divine Life Force, your most Authentic and essential self is you at Soul Level, reconnect with who your are, understand why your here and most importantly how you are supposed to live, to create the abundant and most joyous life possible... You are the Universe, You are your own guide, you are your own higher self... All of this understanding is available to you through your Akashic records, your Souls holder of your Divine Gifts, you Life Purpose which when you use, you create positive Karma, be the divinely Unique creator to your most beautiful life... Love and blessing for positive Karmic Experiences only.

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