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Tarot, Ritual and everyday magic. #Lean-into-your-intuition #Cambridge-Tarot, #Celtic-Goddess.

This week I want to share with you how deeply nourishing for your mind-body-soul (wondrous women) it can be to bring a little bit of ancient Tarot wisdom, create some simple rituals and add a dash of everyday magic to your life. The benefit, well more peace and inner calm, more sensual and sexiness ( coupled up or not), more energy, focus and clarity in your life... but mainly and most importantly,you really begin to tap into your intuition. As women this is bye far our greatest asset, where our innate strength, creativity and passion lives.

Our lives have become so over loaded, we have relationships, children, careers some of us have business, we might have parents to look after, each and every women I now has multiple roles in life..We focus, we push, we organize , we plan, we learn, we teach, we aspire for ourselves, our children,our husbands, friends, communities. We have become active Warrior Women...fighting on every front... No wonder we are sometimes burnt out, over weight as we reach for a coffee to kick start our day and a glass of wine to unwind and relax us in the evening..But mainly we have lost touch with our essential selves... our sense of who we are, out of touch with our own soul purpose..before I get to woo woo, we have forgotten our ancient source of intuitive wisdom..

The world as we know it is dramatically changed, I think its now time we as women reclaim our own divine birthright, begin to craft the world in new and better ways, where we are no longer driven by the masculine energy of the modern world.. Corona-Virus as given us a pause to take a breath, a pause to rethink our priorities...a pause to do thinks better. By better for us I do mean in a more intuitive, ritualistic and magical way... I use the Tarot professionally and personally to access the divine wisdom of the universe. It allows me to tap into and have a quick mini conversation with God. I have been finding the more I lean into this practice, make it an everyday part of my life the more wonder and magic I receive, my clients receive.

You dont need to be a tarot reader to do this for yourself, simply use a that you are drawn to Oracle deck at home.. there's literally hundreds to choose from ones for Angles, Nature, Goddess, faeries, The Virgin Mary, Runes Crystals, The Saints in fact the list is endless.. Some of the decks have simple spreads ( card positions) which you can use if you want. I just think of my intention of question I'd like clarity on or sometimes just see what the universe is saying to me. Pull a card at random to get the though for the day.. read it, let the wisdom and teaching it has to offer you give you support and clarity. The more we do something the better we become at it, I add ritual to my day by cycling to the river (Cam), and mediating, I dont always get to the river, but I do try and give myself 20 mins meditation a day. A very simple practice is to Sound Mediation, just sit still and listen to the sounds around you, you will begin to notice that you are calmer, even is stressful situations, stress will not vanish from your life but you will be clearer in your mind and more in tune with your emotions..

Finally onto magic, magic is purely manifestation creating something we want by calling it in. That simply means, focusing on something, then expecting it to happen, creating the space for it to happen mentally ( picture it) emotionally ( feel what its like to have it) spiritually ( trust its on its way. The easiest form of magic is candle magic, if we want to attract money use a green candle, put some folded up paper money underneath it, or use and image that gives you a feeling of wealth, light your candle and simple say an intention of prayer to allow it to come to you. if you want love use a pink candle, maybe you want to conjure up some passion and romance use a red candle... If you would like to open your intuition and psychic abilities use a silver candles.. welcome in more of the divine use a gold candle, a blue on to speak up and, and yellow one for courage and drive... add in some crystals for energy... you could even add a touch of sugar for more sweetness. Bringing a little bit of ritual , magic and guidance from the tarot or oracle card to help you tune into your inner wisdom is fun, easy to do, and the more you do it the more you'll feel all the benefits... and who know's as Halloween approaches its nice to let your inner witch out to play.

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