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Think yourself Thin.

Did you know there is a spiritual reason we put on weight?

Being overweight is the struggle many of us have with ourselves on a daily basis. Not feeling happy, relaxed or confident in our bodies. . Often we turn to eating more food to soothe our inner discomfort and try to silence our inner critique. This YO YO pattern putting us back where we started, frustrated, feeling like a failure, often feeling deeply ashamed. Why can’t we just sort ourselves out?  This struggle has been mine, and is the same for nearly every women I know, from every shape and size, we simply are not happy with Who We Are. The real secret to finally being able to lose weight, is not just  eating less and exercising more (as you have been told to do) if we could we would. It’s finally letting go of your Mental Weight & Emotional Baggage, making a choice to think differently about yourself, choosing nurturing and nourishing behaviours in food, movement, and self-care. I will guide and support you on this inner and outer healing journey. We will unhook from the past, then begin to craft your desired Whole Body Persona (you are for more than a number on a scale) I will teach you the secret of Your Unique Spiritual reason for weight gain. The places we store fat and even the types of fat has different message, we will De Code them together .Total and natural Transformation will be yours. Vibrant health and energy, a beautiful relationship with your body, the experience of being Happy, Relaxed and finally confident in yourself inner and outer glow

The Psychic Diet Program

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