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Benefits of a Love or Relationship Reading


Whoever said” love is the greatest thing” definitely knew a thing or two about life. . Love is complex, often mysterious and has no rule book for you to follow. It can be magical or a mess.  A tarot card reading is a simple and straight forward way to look at your current situation and guide you to your future outcome.


·Are you searching for love? And need some “Help” in finding it.
·Or you’ve met someone and want to see is he the “One”?


·You’re feeling “Stuck” in your current relationship and need some guidance.


·Or your relationship is over and you need help with navigating your “What’s Next” for me?


It is my mission, my passion and my “Soul’s Calling” to personally guide you to finding true love and experiencing a great relationship, and it begins with loving yourself first.


60mins: £50

30mins: £25

Email reading £15

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