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Founder of Siobhan M Kelly Soul Coaching, And, Spiritual Wellness Expert and Teacher She’s the healer’s healer and the Coaches’ coach

Siobhan has a long established career in spirituality, healing and contributing to the evolution of human consciousness through teaching.


In her journey of transformation, Siobhan has overcome emotional and personal challenges including stress, anxiety and burn out.


Siobhan has undertaken many job roles and business ventures searching for fulfilment, meaning and success.


As a result of these challenges, Siobhan turned to spirituality in her effort to understand herself and to obtain guidance about her purpose; knowing that she is here for a reason and has important work to accomplish.

If you're not sure what session to book, please message me to organise a quick chat. I will respond to you within 24 hours or the next working day if it's a weekend.


Much Love

Siobhan Xx

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