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About Me


Since I was a small child, I experienced life as “magical”, finding its wonder everywhere in nature, the places that where inhabited by Fairies and Elves. That “magic” and wonder was inside of me, as it is with all children. I now understand that what I thought of as “magic” as a child was my Higher Self, the Fairies and Elves I saw and played with were my own Spirits Guides. I was naturally tuned into my “Divine Mind” as I call it. When we are aligned to who we are at soul level, and act from that place of knowing, we receive access to all the “Jewels” that the universe has available to us … As children we are born in to the loving care of the Angelic Realm and are connected to our Higher self Naturally, through life experiences we lose this vital link. We can regain this knowledge through reconnecting as adults to our Spirit Guide Team, through Soul Realignment and the Akashic records. 

About the age of nine I lost my ability to feel “magic”. I became detached from my Higher Self, and no longer saw my Spirit Guides. Becoming lost to myself, my vibrancy, sense of adventure, courage and self confidence disappeared. I became overly identified with my mind, judged myself and others harshly and so began a life of struggles that I have only recently overcome.

My journey has led me to experience the joy that is Soul Realignment; it is the foundational piece underpinning all of my training and knowledge.  I am deeply honoured to be able the share my clients transformational and healings journeys with them. Soul realignment has changed my life both personally and professionally.  I have taken the journey that my clients take, I know how hard it can be to overcome disappointments, unhook from negative patterns and limiting beliefs…  I have tried it all, and found no answers, until now I can say I believe in “magic” and want to help you “unlock” the Wisdom of your Soul, so you too can create a life of real Passion, Power and Purpose.


Blessings and love Siobhan

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