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Siobhan M Kelly has vast entrepreneurial experience from creating and running her own retail ventures from floristry to street food and cafes.

She has an extensive track record of working with and coaching new business start ups from her “turn your passion to profit” workshops, and with young fledgling entrepreneurs through the Young Entrepreneur Programme offered in Irish secondary schools as part of the Irish National Educational Curriculum TY-Programme.

She has created and run various pop-ups, markets and events specialising in such areas as Vintage Fashion & Furniture, Retro-Style Wedding Showcase to Crafts & Artisan Foods and Makers Markets supporting local designers and creators.

My Entrepreneur's Journey

My Recent Back Story

Hi, my name is Siobhan and as you can see, I enjoy working! But I found myself bouncing around in many jobs and businesses searching for fulfilment, meaning and success. In the process falling short and eventually experiencing “burn out”.


Turning to spirituality in the attempt to understand myself and to gain guidance about my purpose; knowing I am here for a reason and have important work to do. But I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what my mission is. I wanted to show up authentically but I didn’t know exactly what that meant for me.


Stepping into my mindset coaching business I was starting to feel closer to alignment; but still not seeing the results I knew I was capable of achieving for myself and more importantly the permanent change my clients wanted, along with the future they also knew they should be able to create. I had plateaued in my work and was frustrated!

I had to go deeper! To put “my money where my mouth was” and fully put to the test, both my spiritual knowledge and my core belief that we are made by Source to be able to create with ease, right!


So where was I going wrong?

And what could I do about it?

What was the glitch in my manifesting toolkit?


This is where my spiritual detective work began in earnest by becoming focused on how to gain access to the Divine wisdom that I knew was contained within me and that would provide me with the tools that I needed to bring my vision into my reality.

Go A Little Deeper

The journey I went on was how to connect to that inner intuition and vision I was seeing yet couldn’t bring into the world. The answers I had been searching for where contained within the Akashic Records. These hold all the information on every soul that has ever been created and are the gateway to understanding your unique soul purpose and soul path.


Finally, I had access to the precise steps I needed to create success in accordance with my specific soul essence. When I applied these tools to my own business practices that’s when the real magic started to happen for myself through an increase flow of aligned clients.


But! The greatest breakthrough came for my clients who began to radically transform their healing, therapy, coaching or soul lead business; by learning to naturally harness the power of their soul wisdom and tap into their innate intuition, allowed them to make confident, clear and purposeful decisions with ease and success every time..

Discovering The Akashic Records

If you're not sure what session to book, please message me to organise a quick chat. I will respond to you within 24 hours or the next working day if it's a weekend.


Much Love

Siobhan Xx

Let's Connect

My Mission

I want to be able to share with you those same specific tools I used to radically transform and create for myself a vibrant, financially rewarding and soul aligned spiritual business.


This is my healing mission and my contribution to the evolution of human consciousness by teaching and guiding you beautiful souls who are drawn to work with me.

I have been asked by Archangel Gabriel to personally invite you to reach out to me and fulfil your own Divine mission by creating a joyful, abundant and soul lead business now in your lifetime. So that we, united will create a Global Healing Impact as light workers and shining souls.




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