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1:1 Sessions


I offer Akashic Soul Readings & Soul Healing & Coaching sessions for impactful energetic changes to rapidly understand who you are at Soul level. Expect to receive healing, guidance & aligned actions.


Akashic Soul Reading: This is for you if, you want to rapidly understand who you are at soul level and uncover the reasons why negative patterns keep appearing in your life, regardless of all the previous therapies, counselling and healing you have undertaken.

And why! Despite your best efforts you seem to attract the same results time after time! This is supported by a powerful healing & clearing of these karmic blocks. When combined properly with the knowledge gained from your soul and backed up with specific aligned action, can radically shift your current outdated beliefs, remove limitations and eradicate negative patterns from your life.


Receive immediate clarity through knowledge, healing and aligned action £85


Psychic Tarot Reading

Is for you if you want to understand the past, gain clarity on the present and take control of your future; then a psychic tarot reading is for you.


Tarot allows you to have a direct conversation with God, and receive immediate answers.  In this reading you will connect deeply with your soul and your subconscious mind. Expect to understand your current situation and what actions need to change; uncover what is blocking you and is preventing you moving forward. Take control of your future by closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be with clarity, confidence and direction.   



Relationship Reading

This is for you if you are unhappy and struggling in your relationship and you want to rapidly understand and overcome the difficulties you are experiencing. 

Your relationships are your greatest opportunity of soul growth and can be created as loving and harmonious embodiments of your deepest self, nurturing, healthy and full of passion. But if your relationship or some aspect of it is causing you inner turmoil, is unhealthy and you see these patterns playing out again and again within this partnership or previous partners also, you need to understand why you are unconsciously creating and attracting these outdated and negative Karmic patterns.  So you can build a relationship of joy, inner-peace and meaning.


Receive immediate clarity, healing and guidance £85 single person reading and £170 for a couple.

Spirit Guide Reading

This is for you if, you want to rapidly develop your intuition through contacting and learning to work with your unique Spirit Guide Team and Spiritual Counsel, so that you can?

Learn to connect easily in a simple, powerful, yet practical manner on a daily basis for guidance. In this beautiful live channelled session you will meet your individual inner guide team there are six of them. This team has been chosen for you by your Higher Self; before you incarnated in this lifetime and they hold sacred information on your soul purpose, soul path and how best for you to achieve your soul evolution in this life time. This is a special, emotional and life changing reading. Where you feel valued, understood and supported on your spiritual journey.


Receive an immediate intuitive boost through spiritual connecting, awareness, an expanded consciousness of the Divine working within in your life.

Life Lesson Reading

This is for you if, you want to take your Soul healing to a deeper level of understanding.

 And you want to finally gain control over your unconscious, habitual and negative mental & emotional ego triggers. These lessons are keeping you trapped, causing you to self sabotage and engage in imposter syndrome and stopping you from achieving your goals.

This highly practical reading will allow you to quickly recognise your own limiting beliefs, understand where they come from and take quick and immediate action to overcome them. Your higher self has chosen these lessons for you; by learning to understand their message, you will not only stop their negative hold over you! But by working with them correctly, you can super charge your decision making, along with stopping patterns of self sabotage, hesitation and imposter syndrome for good.


Receive immediate mental & emotional control, confidence and clarity. £85

Energetic Space Clearing

Our homes, offices and workspaces are energetic reflections of us. Have you have experienced a cycle of things going wrong within your relationship, career, health or even your car?


Such as hostile and negative colleagues, not getting the proper recognition for your work or being passed over for promotions you believe you deserved. As well as the sudden falling out with friends, neighbours or even loved ones and weird things like leeks, electrical malfunctions, lost, stolen or damage to your property or vehicles.. It could be a sign of negative energy directed at you your family or business and emanating from outside influences; Such as, disgruntled and jealous competitors, neighbours, colleagues, dissatisfied customers, ex-employees and ex-spouses or even family members who do not wish you, your family or your business well.


Receive immediate clearing of negative energy and removal of stagnated mindset. £95

Private Coaching

Specific and precise tools help you to discover and understand you’re unique path and purpose, but alignment takes changes in your actions: This is where soul coaching comes in.

Six soul healing & coaching package: These bespoke one hour 1:1 sessions offers you a deeper level of healing to the removal of karmic blocks; As well as the joy of discovering your soul purpose through a greater depth of guidance on who you are at soul level. All this is backed up by targeted, practical and aligned new actions that you are supported in taking through the ongoing coaching.


This is like no other combination of coaching, or healing or therapy available anywhere. This work is spiritual yet practical in nature, harnessing the specific and unique power & wisdom of your soul and higher self; it will give you the courage, clarity and confidence to completely change your life for the better.


Receive immediate inner peace through greater confidence, clarity of purpose and a richer meaning of life. £520

"Heal The Healer"

If you’re a Healer who wants more aligned clients! My program “Heal the Healer” from “burnout to career bliss” will help you manifest you’re Soul Purpose Business in 8 weeks.

An 8-week transformation programme for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, who are ready to radically transform their healing, coaching and therapeutic business; this unique combination offers real and measurable weekly results that demonstrate the immediate impact of the changes you are making.  Along with long-term belief and behavioural pattern transformation, the foundational piece is a complete energetic healing and re-balancing. This removes the blocks that are actually stopping you, keeping you exhausted and running on empty.

You are supported, encouraged and guided every step of the way in creating sustained and soul aligned success, that is vibrant, financially rewarding  and meaningful for you. Doing your very best work fills you with passion and is deeply transformative for you clients.

Includes 1:1 Soul Realignment Session, Manifesting Blue Print, Archetypal Blocks Repatterning, Discordant Energy Analysis, Chakra Analysis Progress Tracking, weekly Healing & Clearing for increased energy and clearer decision making: Expect to receive clarity, confidence & direction. £1495

Limited number of places available: Access to this program is only considered after a pre qualifying questionnaire and a 30 mins conversation with Siobhan.

If you're not sure what session to book, please message me to organise a quick chat. I will respond to you within 24 hours or the next working day if it's a weekend.


Much Love

Siobhan Xx

Let's Connect

Life Crisis Reading

This is for you if, you are experiencing a sudden unexpected crisis in your relationship, career/ finances or health and you want it resolved quickly.

Understand why? Your life is been turned upside down, you are in shock, disbelief and confusion.


Receive immediate relief through healing, clarity and guided action plan to comprehensively deal with the issues at hand in a soul aligned way. £85

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