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What happens during an Akashic Soul Reading?

Do you wonder why despite your best efforts you seem to attract the same results time after time, regardless of all the therapy, healing or personal development you have done?


You know you should be able to create the future you want - and you absolutely can! In this article I'm going to share what's keeping you Stuck!!! And how an Akashic Soul Reading can move you forward through healing, guidance and action!


What are the Akashic Records? And why are they important?


●      The Akashic Records are like a spiritual library and contain all the information on every soul that has ever lived or will ever live.

●      They are available to use like a “Google search engine for your soul” and contain everything you need to know and understand to access who you are at soul level.

●      Most importantly for you they hold all the records of your soul's history and its records of your soul's Karma.

●      I locate them by using your Name: Name at Birth if different: Date of Birth: Place of Birth, if you are missing some key information on when and where you were born don’t worry, I can locate them in other ways , one of which is your specific permission and intentions  that I locate them. This is your Higher Self giving me the direct access I seek on your behalf. 

●      This reading is two ways and highly dynamic. Your Soul is actively involved via your Higher Self in aiding and supporting you to understand yourself in a deeply authentic and powerful way.


Understanding Karma and why it leads to you attracting unwanted, repetitive experiences


●      Karma is the Universal law of “Like attracts like”. It is neutral, it affects everyone who is alive, and it is a continuous moment by moment balancing of energy. We create it by the choices we make and we feel its effects as the experiences we have in our life.

●      Karma is the reason despite your best efforts you keep attracting the same unwanted or negative experiences again and again.

●      Reincarnation lies behind the cycle of karma you are experiencing and it's your souls means to healing those splintered or hurts parts of yourself that is keeping you stuck, frustrated and confused and to why “Shit keeps happening to me”

●      I locate the energetic imprint of the Karma from the Akashic Records and during your session I remove it out of your records or in simple terms delete it from your Soul’s memory files. I will speak about this process in more detail later in this article.

●      I will teach you how to stop creating new negative Karma as I remove the past life Karma.


Why illness is a gift and how to work with it to heal


●      All illness is a crisis of your soul, be that mental, emotional or physical. Its source is always your soul crying out in pain to heal fragmented and splintered aspects of itself.

●      We are energetic beings; we continually receive Life Force Energy through the tops of our heads at a point called the Crown Chakra, this energy when we are healthy flows easily throughout our bodies and keeps us alive. Illness is when that energy becomes blocked in some area within our lives.

●      Illness is the physical leaking or leeching of that Life Force Energy out of your system in an unhealthy way.

●      The energy blockage can be within our finances, career, primary relationships, health and wellbeing, family, friendships, spiritual & personal development or your physical surroundings. A block in any one of these areas that is ignored.

●      We create illness by ignoring this process. We have a thought about something that is causing us stress or distress; we ignore it and push it away. We soldier on, suck it up, and push past it. Then we get a feeling about the same situation, again we ignore it, and push it away or push on through, finally we get an ache or pain with our bodies, we often again ignore it, push it away, soldier on etc… until the point we feel pain, discomfort, we have created “ dis- ease” within our system..

●      Our illness stop us in our tracks, if we choose to look at them from a holistic or whole person perspective we can see clearly what it is our bodies are trying to tell us, what it is our minds have been avoiding, what our feelings really mean - and understand why we are sick and by listening to our soul how we can begin to heal.


Who you are at soul level, and why it's vital to you to understand.


●      At soul level you are eternal, unlimited, healed, dynamic, resourceful, powerful, unique, and authentic and are a tiny drop of the Universe or Divinity within your human package or your body.

●      Every other single human is the exact same, a unique soul wrapped up in its body.

●      Simply who you are at soul level is your authentic and powerful self. All of your gifts and skills and talents reside here and are readily available to you to access daily.

●      Your soul contains every answer you are seeking such as

○      Who Am I?

○      What is my purpose?

○      Why am I here?

And much, much more, it is the eternal and unlimited aspect of yourself.

●      You have a specific purpose for being on planet earth, you are not random or an accident, your birth is a vital part of the entire evolution of human consciousness.

●      You are here for a reason and your soul's purpose is that reason.

●      In our session you will begin to understand these deep truths about yourself and I will teach you how to begin to access these tools daily to create the life and future you truly want, rather than blindly creating the same negative experiences.


What happens during every Akashic Soul Reading with me


●      Every session offers healing, guidance and aligned actions, as well as so much depth and breadth of information for you that is why it's recorded to allow you to sit back, relax and simply listen.

●      The healing work I do is Divine Spiritual and I act as a conduit of divinity as I do it.

●      I call on the Archangels as the energetic source of that Divine Energy. This is a two fold process. Firstly I remove the Karmic Imprint from your soul that is stored within the Akashic Records. This gives you the inflow of Divine Life Force energy to immediately strengthen you and gives you the energetic resources to heal the second aspect. You are literally connected to Divine energy. This Universal/God/Creator source energy is the stuff that the cosmos is built from (it’s also the stuff you are built from but has become depleted by stress, illness, anxiety or simply but life. And acts like a tonic and helps you access the parts of your inner knowing and soul wisdom that help you step away from the negative pull of the choices you have been engaged with. This healing is temporary in nature, but if it is backed up by new choices from you it becomes ingrained and second nature to you, this is what it means to live at soul level.

●      The guidance you receive is also two fold, you begin to understand who you really are, this knowledge informs the choices you are making as you are making them, it gives you the ability to always know “is this for me? Yes or no. It's your spiritual super power, your failsafe, this is how you develop and begin to access your intuition.

●      Your own ‘How to Manual’ is Aligned Action, this follows on from the healing and guidance. It is the correct way of taking action on the knowledge of who you are at soul level. I help you begin to formulate your life. You are created like no other, how you are designed to create and live is like no one else. Step by step you learn a new way of showing up in your world, your work, your relationships and life.




In this Akashic Soul Reading I begin to help you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be with a path, a plan and a purpose. To gain this deep understanding of yourself, book your Akashic Soul Reading with me, please click the link below

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Much Love

Siobhan Xx

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